The Spiritual Teachings are wellsprings that bring consolation, recognition, serenity, moderation and peace.  They are not a prescription or pretend to replace medical help and special attention but they truly are capable of contributing something extraordinary and wonderful, that all the sciences of the world have not been able to know, understand and appreciate. And this is  because they have wisdom, which is greater than all sciences. Wisdom, which also knows all arts, all foundations and principles of life.  And this spiritual science knows that man is more than what the senses reveal.

Man is not only flesh and bones, thoughts and feelings.
He has a spiritual foundation, an extraordinary and wonderful worth. This is because he has inner light, which truly shines more than the sun. This light will help us, with certainty, to overcome any depression, no matter how dark can be, since in the depth of man, the Love of God lives.  Depression, may pretend to suffocate or burn us with its scorching embrace but there is a superior Love, who can rescue us. The path always is prayer, where we  will  find refuge, serenity and transformation. And what was hurting will not hurt any more  because there is an inner foundation, who always rescues and brings inner peace.

Even though, man may be facing paths of desperation and chaos, if he really wants to change with sincerity and with all his heart, then, God will not abandon him, on the contrary,  God will exalt him and will bring him out of the fog and will nourish him with His presence.
 God will strengthen him and will bring light to his life, peace to his heart and will make him prosper, because God is true.  It  is very certain that every one who looks for God and knows Him, will overcome the obstacles, the confusion and depression.

 God is true. He is peace,  joy  and Love. Keep this in your heart and live in the name of God. And your life will be as a garden full of flowers, in which you will have banished and  transcended depression.


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