How can we relate spiritual and material progress ?  The progress of man in an integral way is a complex and delicate process. Life presents multiple actions to us, which may go against our values and ethics. Lies, irresponsibility and denial, are easier because they give instant gratification with minimum effort.

The world may seem to be full of artificial lights, everything may seem to be under our feet and we may think that we have lots of friends and persons who flatter our jokes, power and influence. In the meantime, the spirit is sad, his hope diminishes and his faith agonizes.

Until the day, when Love is not there, all has become gratification and desire, which turns us into a permanent and abusive displeasure, but nothing of this makes the world to be mistaken and what is material to be wrong. And is not like that, the outer life has its norms and requirements, which are not wrong, but if we abuse them, it becomes completely mistaken.

We have to reach a decision, that does not compromise our spiritual life and our material achievement, since this does not have to do with success, abundance, rather, these are the means we have, to be able to serve, to grow and develop in many ways. Poverty is not a sign of spirituality and when the Holy Scriptures, refer to poverty, they mean, humility.

 Our true wealth is in the love of God, and the poverty of the spirit means, that there is only riches in God. Spiritual poverty is not the same as material poverty.  The universe is abundance, peace, happiness, joy and unity. No one wants to see a member of his family in anguish neither to see a person in the world suffering for not been able to eat a piece of bread.

The material and spiritual don't contend but there is a very fine line of equilibrium and balance, which is fragile and easy to break.

 In the spiritual, the most important are love, faith and service and in the material, they become dignity, honor, effort  and dedication.  There is no other formula but to be conscious, to look for good and don't sponsor what is wrong. To have in us, the feeling of unity and to grow in sincerity, in  doing what is right and then, we will reach our goals, dreams, abundance, because God created the universe by a total act of Love and He created abundance, perfection, happiness. And to reach the perfect balance between the spiritual and material, is only needed to be one person, one man, one heart and make out of life, a constant connection to Peace and Love.


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