The search for perfect health has been, is, and will be a main aspect in man as a  person and as  a social being. And -for this purpose, man has tried to find all resources.  But this  requires of confidence, importance and commitment to what is true. 
What is Alternative Healing?

This truth that explains, makes, guides to perfection, to  balance, to the own potency of life in harmony. And this is preponderant for man.
Alternative Healing is the name given to the empirical science that observes and does not reserve the criterion of considering that life is connected to so distant elements as a star and  also connected to something as small and apparently insignificant as dust,  the ground  or a  drop of water. Like a natural element, raised  to its purest expression, to its most fragile, most sensitive and  delicate condition, in other words to its essence.


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The Collector's Corner

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 Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell.

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