Much has been said about spirituality, but little has been understood. People have their own interpretation but do not transmit purely the  teaching. 
Spirituality is always personal because we love and because we wish to do it. Because we feel an extraordinary need of the presence, of the proximity. And because this feeling is always filled with tenderness and compassion.

Love is very vast and we have tried to define it, like a form of assistance and collaboration. But love is much more. Love is an infinite pleasure and is a sexuality as vast as the sky and the sea.
God has created an exquisite and very personal universe. And this means that He understands that we are individuals.

 God is limitless Love and life must be expressed like that. The Creator has put so many details in His creation, that we have to think that God is pure and passionate because He is the only one who can satisfy us and to fill us completely. But we don't have to forget that we are flesh and bone and we have the supreme breath of eternity.

A story of mystery and an unceasing love is found between the moon and the sea. The love between the moon and the sea, is a symbolic term, but very significant. Since, in order to love is necessary to know how to reflect passion and surrender in the heart of the loved one.
The moon will give her reflection and the sea will caress her image. And in the crest of the waves will indicate the silver reflection like small diamonds that make an unique life, out of the night.

The one who meditates does not move away, is not annulled, does not separate, does not become vague, does not extinguish,  and is not lost, since he is loving eternity.


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 Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell.

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