Once upon a time , two sisters , who were twin and unmarried were traveling by the path of life and each one was trying to find her couple. It happened to be a great celebration in the town , they were visiting. and they decided  to meet that night after the celebration , to see what had happened and which had been their luck and if they had found what they were wishing for .

These twin sisters  were extraordinarily similar in the outside but on the inside they were as different , as day and night . One, was very soft and delicate , she was very fond of  flowers , animals , peace and she was very pleased when she was able to help the ones in need . The other , on the contrary, was extremely arrogant and egoistic , she lied very easily and she couldn't care less about what could happened to the persons near her . And of course , she didn't want to do good but to take advantage and use every person to her own benefit . Her mood  always was  unstable and capricious .

Well , they went to the town's festival and by mystery or destiny's wisdom , they met , a very handsome gentleman , who was the most powerful man of the town and both felt something very special about him . And the gentleman , also thought that they both looked as two bright stars . He had heard about the sisters but had been warned by his wise advisers , that their beauty surpassed that of the flowers but to be very careful because , one was like an angel , while the other one was like darkness , and very manipulative .
And he praised both in a fine and delicate way and he wished in his heart , to be able to know , who was light and who was darkness . Then , one of the persons accompanying the gentleman , approached the sisters , in order to introduce the nobleman . And he said to them : This gentlemen is the owner of all this land and his fortune and power are vast but having many material things , he still does not have a wife and wanting to add to the happiness of this festival , this night he will choose the queen of his heart .

Both , felt very flattered , while , the gentleman in order to get to know them , decided to ask them some simple questions but with a mysterious key , which would allow him to know who was the most worthy and noble .
And the gentleman said : "My kingdom is great , vast and very rich . I have many treasures and in the shore of a stream , some very delicate yellow flowers grow . They last just for a few hours . What do you think about this ?

One sister said : " What a great wealth , how much power , what a fascinating empire ! I am sure that there must be a castle and in it  even more fascinating treasures . If I could live there , I would feel fascinated by so much glory and power "

The other sister, replied : " Tell me sir , what else can you say about those little flowers , which are probably great and wonderful , since if they can make their lives in only one day , how many important , subtle and wonderful things  they will know . But , although this is important , I would love to accompany you and to be able to be with those flowers even for an instant . It will be an instant but it will look as eternity "  And this was the answer of this sister , who didn't even mention , wealth or power , she only talked about the flowers .

Then , it was immediately known about these beautiful twin sisters , that one was named : Want and the other , Love.
Even though they look alike , they truly are completely different . Want , is after possession and control . She will never be able to love because her only desire is to posses . Love , on the contrary is sublime and subtle . She will give , she will devote everything , without asking anything in return , since she is already rich .
Love will never be like Want because , she does not look to posses , only to give the best of her . Want and Love are similar , but only in the outside . In the depth of their inner selves , they are opposite universes .

After this dialogue  Love danced with the gentleman and the story says that they were extremely happy . The story also says that they did not abandon Want , they gave her a very large castle , which Want filled with mirrors . The story also says that Want was accompanied by the mirrors , by her image and her loneliness . On occasions , she would make her believe that she was happy but afterwards , she would realize her own loneliness .

Love blossomed and they had children , who kept on dignifying earth . In the meantime , Want was losing her beauty and she ended in the chaos of her lack of love .

 Want and Love may seem as two drops of water but if we ever taste this water , we would find that one is sour and salted , while the other is as essence of roses and honey .

The end this story: they both met that night and both said  they had found happiness . But , we know that in one of the sisters , it was true happiness, while in the other , it was only vanity and curse .


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