white washed bones
under the sun's light.
With no skin to cover
neither heart
to give life .
Oh loneliness !
you are colder
than winter
and nevertheless
you go deeper
than a dagger
that wounds life .
And you burn
even hope
you turn to ashes .
How deep your look is
but all the same
it says nothing .
You have the unmoving
of great differences .
You are
presence and absence
at the same time .
Your company
covers everything
and also
it seems to despise it all .
When you give me your hand ,
life leaves
and you bring new life
which is neither light nor color .
On the contrary ,
it is loneliness ,
dark night of the soul ,
flute that no one will play
mirror that no one will reflect
flower that no one will appreciate .
has the power
of breaking everything
but it is not insolent power
but enfolding magic
that seems
related to death .
You are cold kiss
you are dead bird
withered tree
anguish voice
a call , a clamor
that no one will listen to .
you certainly are ,
the all of the nothing ,
last dwelling of darkness .
A place where
those who forgot
the importance
of loving
will end .


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 Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell.

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