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The writing presented here has as objective to bring light to the darkness. To reveal, to offer  information to the confused persons and to help them to have the real understanding, wisdom and serenity of spirit.
Darkness and its somber mantle are the cause of perturbation for  the spirituality per se,  in the spiritual context. They hurt peace, attempt against what is good, deceive by perverting with arguments that may seem harmless but give power to what is wrong. And exalt the confusion of principles and values by arranging its mortal attack in order to get the loss of faith and corruption.
Evil has been only shown as accuser but evil is the direct enemy of God and man.  Because evil does not accuse with the intention of establishing the truth but with the perverse animosity of the intrigue. Evil proposes to confront Love but does not create the necessary means for a change or for improvement. Evil will always try to confuse with lies.  It is always moved by hatred and anger. It is necessary to warn so you can have a better understanding that the method of evil will be : Hypocrisy, justification, licentiousness, offense, all together, since he can't hold its visceral venom.  His strategy is to present an easy path, offering all, in exchange for nothing or in exchange for very little, in other words, an effortless path where only the fools work and assume responsibilities. Giving place to all that goes against the spiritual values, dignity and morals.
Evil is offended by what is good and he takes human susceptibilities trying to exalt and agitate them until turning them into addictions.  Its turns purity into degradation and it exalts the degradation as if it was
a great good.  It is important to observe the expressions such as violence, enmity, anger, rupture of ties and commitments, in order to be able to recognize the influence  of evil. When evil takes over a person, it fills her with arrogance, it makes her believe that she is powerful and he justifies every whim and outburst. It reverses her values and makes her completely selfish. The way to go against evil will always be faith and prayer, by excellence.
Evil has no power, it tries to confuse and that is the reason that we must appeal to patience and reflection. Not taking violence as the first line but to conciliation and respect. Besides, looking for the right discernment in order to interpret the objective of what is presented or suggested. To measure the consequences of the actions, reactions. And not to be easy prey of the confusion of the darkness.  Evil and perversion have many faces. They dress and present as radiant. Trying to transform and exalt freedom beyond its limits. Then, everything is broken, stops been contained. The heart of man stops been a sacred temple and is easy prey of temptation and lies. Life is transformed into misery, which in every of its forms is the rebellion of deceit, ignorance and control.


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