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As evening was falling , Darkness approached Light,  wanting to tempt her.  Darkness lives in the hearts of the men who are sad, confused,  who feel that they need to taste one thousand things, who need to live in a hurry, thinking that to explode their senses is the most important accomplishment. Darkness called Light saying :  "Since everything is revealed in your presence and nothing is hidden, I want you to tell me if to have pleasure just for pleasure, is right ? Also, why are there so many rules and norms for what is natural and typical for the majority ? And if love is free, why don't we love each other with such intensity that the taste of the all will be in our skin and our lips ?Isn't everything love ?  Then, if I excite, if I tempt, isn't this a generous act of love ?
Who has created us and why ? Where is evil here ? Shouldn't we enjoy life, not losing a second ? If life is so short, shouldn't we live with intensity, knowing everything? If life is an experience and we hide, how to be able to know. Besides, if everything that I said so far, was a great evil or mortal sin and if I don't sin, how do I change ? how can I repent ?  Is sin necessary to accomplish good ?  And last, shouldn't darkness come before light ? Because if the light wants to expand, it must be in the darkness. Why does darkness must always yield ?
 Could it be that pleasure is to blame ? Have we been created to love power, control and be captive of desire ? How does man dream if he doesn't have dreams ? How does he separate from wrongdoing if he does not dare to recognize the error ?  Also, why Light always wants to have control over darkness ? If Light gives warmth and has so much strength, why is she ashamed of science, pleasure and enjoyment  ? Aren't we all merely human ?" And Darkness took the position, defense and argument of saying that freedom was everything that people wanted to do because, why shouldn't they ? And the turn came for Light and she said .

" Oh Darkness, you are always so eloquent, passionate and apparently so rational !  There is a great truth in everything that you said, but it always happens that there is also a great lie.  And lie and truth can't live together, they will never complement or have  balance.  It is true that man is man, but besides, he is also spirit. The spirit lives in him and God near him. God is there because he truly loves man, and to prevent error and sin. Man must do many things : To laugh, cry, feel, live with intensity.  Yes, Darkness, man must live the passion, the emotion. That fever in his blood, that agitation in his heart. But listen, Darkness.

What happens to a treasure if you mix it with trash ? What is desire without love ? If man surrenders, it should be because of love, since that is his destiny. But without love, he will walk and become as a ship lost in the sea,  looking and not finding a safe port, because that is not  his destiny and he will continue lost. If the person who I want does not want me. If the person who I love, does not love me. Listen, Darkness  if there is no purity then, there is impurity. If there is no dignity, there is only darkness" And Light also said : " Do you need to awake in a bed without knowing whose bed is it ?  Do you want to get drunk to the point of not knowing your name ?

Do you want to laugh so much, trying to forget what you are proclaiming now ?  What you declare is not love neither joining together, it is sadness, loneliness of an empty heart, which has confused the route, because he has mistaken his direction, he has become perverted in the pleasure by the pleasure. Then, he does not know anything any longer. Darkness, what you called intensity of life, only is, death and darkness"


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