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Light and Darkness met and -as always- started to argue since everything seems to indicate that they never agree on anything. Nevertheless, something comes up from each discussion that is more than reasoning or pure feeling.
They both decided to debate in a fierce manner the topic of Love.
"What is Love, do you Light, know ?" shouted Darkness.
And Light answered: " Let's begin by saying that Love is humility"
"Humility?" repeated Darkness. And she said it in a very ironic way and repeated again:
"It is not humility. Love is passionate arrogance. Besides, you, Light, always live in the reality of philosophy, just as if life was complex, because you only make it complex."
"Love is not humble" she repeated again. "Since love is demanding, it shouts like the mouth of an open wound and shouts because it demands. It has thirst of the loved one and this wound is unable to hear, because it knows that the loved one must come to satiate that thirst of yearning and passion."
Then, Light said: " Love is humility because it surrenders, decision and commitment. Because at the same time, is noble and pure, unconditionally, it gives everything and is always loyal, good, sincere, and also is always present and delicate and as such, is so humble and devoted that is capable of self sacrifice for the loved one."
As soon as Darkness heard those words, she shouted, just as if she had been very offended and immediately repeated herself: " Sacrifice?"  And she emphasized: " Light, you have more darkness than I, the only sacrifice that is given, is the intensity of pleasure since love looks to drink its cup, even to forget reason and to intoxicate the heart. Love prefers madness instead of pain and sacrifice. And makes a temple of desire out of love. What sacrifice is to caress the skin?"
And Light said: " Love, love is the glory of life, the delicate aroma of tenderness; love guides and accompanies; love does not see the person as an object, does not trap the senses and never gets lost in madness. Love, by been true, is profound, eternal, does not change, it never gets confused and can never be deceived. Love is art and inspiration, love is more than the skin, love is more than a kiss and much more than desire. Love is freedom and peace" In view of those words, Darkness said:
 " Peace will be found in the cemetery because love is like war, is the conquest of the permanent battle for control and the power of love, wants to have the loved one, at its feet and does not want to be away from him/her. Love is not freedom but slavery because freedom can't happen since it is demanding without any limits. Can life be satiated? Your eyes want to be closed? Do you want to see, to feel more? Love is impulsive, curious." And she also said: " The thing with you is that you don't know anything about reality." And Light answered: " Love is freedom because only by being free, it is possible to choose to love."
And Darkness said: " This as well as the other topics, will separate us, more and more."
And Light said: " The thing is that in truth, you don't know how to Love."


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