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We find Darkness working on her half truths and saying :  It is good to attack the foundations, it will not be necessary to call Light to the light of her own truth. And she smiled in a macabre way and with the usual irony of her own darkness continued: Let's bring up a well-known topic with Light : The sin , the sinner . And I believe that Light will not have other alternative that to fall down in the darkness. And she called the Light and said :
- You , Light who know about the virtues of the Creator, you have seen His work in man and woman. I want Light to ask you something : What is the reason that the woman seduced the man ? Why did the man allowed himself to be seduced ? Also, is this seduction or is a natural condition that makes a natural sinner out of man ?  And that is why I want to reclaim. Man is sensible and vulnerable to the attraction of the senses, to the power of dreams, to illusions, desires.  Man is only but man and belongs more to the world of darkness than to the spirit of light.  Oh Light, will it be that you judge, accuse and attack too much and you speak of eternal condemnation and remorse  But man is taken for what he has in himself. How can you condemn him.?
   Look,  Light, God said that He would put eternal enmity between satan and the woman, exalting in this way the memory of all the inclinations of all the men . Did the woman believe that it was good to be like God ?
It it was bad to know about good and evil and such fruit was bad to eat. Why was this placed so close ? Why was not covered with fire ? Why Darkness is accused of being naturally and only inciting about knowledge.?
And Darkness thought: What Light will be able to say? Perhaps good and evil do not have to know everything ? Why to deny man this understanding ?  Is not necessary to have wisdom ? Were they pretending that man would not know this science ? Is not his supposed fall, also his exaltation ? Why to see Darkness as the cause of destruction ? Will Darkness rather be the cause of achievement?   Will Darkness be, the way of the man ?  And I will end with this comment. If everything is God's will, then the fall of man, is not also His Will ? Why is the Light the owner of truth ? Why does the Light take possession of reality ?
Why is Darkness mean and evil ? Will it be that is not like that ? Will it be that Light lies ? Will it be that Darkness is the reason by which, the man evolves, moves, changes, is born and dies ? Why so much condemnation. Are not all the condemned and all the sinners born because evil has to be seen ? And evil said to the Light : You Light ,  solve this mystery, if you want I sum it up in a moment.
 The man is only but man, son of desire, submitted to pleasure, addicted to sensuality : Why do you accuse,  torment and condemn him ? If the man was not a man but a stone, perhaps he would not have sinned, would not have died and there would be no heaven and hell.
 Will all this be necessary to control this creation ? I believe that the man is a victim of his Creator. How can you ask and demand him what he is not. Can you ask him to fly. Does he have wings ?  How can you prevent him from sinning if before been born, he had already sinned ? Perhaps God did not know about this, then whom are we going to condemn if they all are already condemned ?
Why is condemned the one who was born with the soul to be condemned ? Who made the sin ? Was it in man or it came to him and if it came to man, why was he not taken care of ? If sin is so bad and if man fell for it, why is then man, called to the Light ? I think that these questions are more than philosophical questions, they are a question of life, of death. But there is more, according to you Light, a question of eternity. Why do you condemn creation ? What is the truth behind that demons shout for not going to hell and you Light, condemn man to the hell of eternity and you talk about compassion, peace and Love ?
 While I , Darkness do not have great pretensions, only to leave man to be man and you always want to change him. You want him to be what he cannot be.
 Do you want him to be like you ? Do you have body, do you sweat when you work. Do you get hungry, do you get thirsty, do you have cold, heat, desires, passion, anger. Then, why do you judge ? If you don't have a mouth, you can't taste the wine and you can't say whether is sweet or bitter, sour or salty. With what eyes do you see and with what hands do you touch ? Perhaps you can burn yourself in hell because you condemn man and Darkness for being faithful to the only reality.  If the world had no desire and there was no conflict that causes passion, there would be no extremes, there would be no conqueror and no conquered. Do you know what thing would be Light? There would be nothing. That is what you want, what you pretend, the creation to be nothing at all ?
And in this way Darkness stopped speaking and said:
- I believe that the answer even of the own darkness is in man.
Then,  Light flew in his natural expansion and said to Darkness : - You are always captive not only of lie and deceive but of the artifice that you constantly create to justify your constant deviations. You speak of love, of  creation, of justice, of truth but you yourself are against them all. You pretend man to be your creation and at least your domain but everything that you have done is to ponder your own disappointment. The man influenced by your perturbation has moved away from his natural condition. You are the condemnation, you are death. You have nothing to do with life. You live in anguish and then you try to say that man has your nature. Man has not been created for that purpose and it is not his natural condition that of evil and darkness. On the contrary, man is based on the own essence of Love and what you want to do is to confuse him.  But man will not fall down in your claws.  You play with the words, you even accuse the Creator.  
The man has been loved and he will always be loved.
The creation is the spiritual abode, the real freedom of choosing between good and evil. That is why there are laws, examples, to warn about your malignant presence. And the light, of course that feels. Feels everything, knows everything.
Because light exists in the own creation. The man is supported, is discovered and known by everything and by himself in the same creation.  He has not been born for death and eternal condemnation, on the contrary, man has been called to Love and Forgiveness.
 You, Darkness are only a lie, that is why you wrap yourself in your own extremes. You listen to yourself but man does not belong to you.  And when you call and claim that the man is a sinner in his own nature, you are not talking about man, but about yourself, of the lie of your voice.  You speculate about philosophy, you change the norm , you are that hell, from which you are terrified.  But man has been called to purity,  not to the violence of your words, of your ideas. Man has always been loved and the creation is his dwelling for the development of his plenitude. And if sin was found in man, is to be transcended, to be overcome. Because that is not his nature.  Darkness is not his destiny but the Light of the eternal life in the eternal Love.


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