How easy it is! as simple as the daybreak, everything is there and there is nothing to do. I arise at the time that I want to, and I do as I please, I always reach my goals, I only smile and I put everything the wrong way, no matter what it is or who it is. I don't listen to the things that don't interest me, I don't feel or see them.
I believe in the beauty and its power because I have the power of doing and undoing; the moon is in my hands and the sun will arrive shortly.
I enjoy life, and bad things only happen to other people, the effort is not for me.
I always want to be the admired beauty, the golden flower, the happiness. Others must respect me the way I am, and the way I handle my life. Since I am like this and I don't care what others might think, since I am only a little bit irresponsible.


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