There is a sap that hurts and kills its own tree. Dries the leaves, withers the flowers and rots the fruits. This power is cruel and its life is desolation. It brings destruction and moves with the cynicism of death and revenge. It does not have peace, not even for a moment. Is like a violent storm, an enraged and agitated sea, that destroys its beaches and kills its own inhabitants.

 The face is frightful and in time becomes as a river that dries, cracks and from these parts, arise the horror because it kissed the bile with passion and in its heart nests fire, but not from passion, but from hell and curse. It goes to the extremes of resenting its own suffering, as constantly cutting the veins. It lives in its own bitterness and vomits poison. And is not like a mythological dragon, but like a sickly bacteria, that when feeding, kills itself. Because, when unfolding, it destroys the same force that feeds, maintains and sustains it, that gives it life. And this frightful monster is "Resentment."


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