Who can get rid of me? The thing is that I will tell you what to do, how to act, where to look and you will only breath when I say so. You will go to sleep, you will eat when it suits me and I will even tell you how the beating of your heart should be. I will keep an eye on you all the time and I am going to hurt you if I have to, and I am going to kill you if I have to. So, you better obey and not even one hair of your head can grow without my consent because I am in control. The thing is that I am in command because I have the control of your destiny.

Who can be stronger than me? When I look at you, you lower your eyes and of course, I do know that you hate me, that you don't want anything to do with me.

 But I don't care, what matters is the control, the dominion, the power and that force that subdues you and that evokes all that you don't want to see, that you don't want to know. I will repeat once more that there is no greater control than mine because I am who dominates the war, who subdues the men, who destroys lives, who turns the happiness into misery, who transforms the green grass into total dryness. I am the most skilful, sinister power; if you dare to face me, I will destroy you, you have no control. I rule everything, I control everything and you must always live under my feet. Who dares to look at my face? I will never allow you to be. I am the authority of every evil, corruption, hell. Because I am Terror.


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